Attacking Mold

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Did you know there’s a more ecologically and health-friendly way to deal with mold in your home? Most of us run right to the chemicals to get rid of mold before it spreads. However, these chemicals are bad for us, … Continued

Fast Water Facts

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Many of us are thinking about water a lot more than we used to. It’s easy to think it’s impossible to run out of water if you live in a wet area, but potable water really is a very limited … Continued

Bailing Up Green Business

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There are a lot of large companies purporting to produce products and services that are greener than ever. However, you may wonder which ones are trustworthy, and which ones are guilty of “greenwashing” their image. There are a few things … Continued

Recycling Styrofoam

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Sytrofoam, or polystyrene, is a plastic that’s all around us, and is very hard to recycle. Most programs just won’t take it. This petroleum-derived material is also responsible for a significant amount of benzene production, takes a long time to … Continued

Stopping Junk Mail

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One way to have a positive effect on your environment is to stop your junk mail. The average adult in the US gets about forty pounds of junk mail every year, and about half of it ends up in the … Continued

Uses of Bamboo

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Bamboo is a really amazing material. It can grow incredibly quickly in all kinds of environments, and it’s very resilient. There are nearly a thousand and a half species of bamboo, with lots of differences between them. However, most kinds … Continued

Car Pooling

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Driving to work has a lot of benefits. Sure, some will begrudge their trek due to the congestion and distance. However, driving to work can be a great opportunity for listening to an audio book, looking the local scenery, and … Continued

Downshifting life and Being Green

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When the road becomes too steep, the climb too challenging, we downshift. The engine slows and the torque is increased to improve the overall performance of the vehicle. Green downshifting applies this same basic driving concept to life. Our society … Continued

Greening your school

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Dwindling financial resources have brought metropolitan school districts to their knees, cutting elective studies, losing athletics programs, and silencing music. In some cities and rural areas the effects are even more troubling as schools are closed and students are crammed … Continued

Home baked bread

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Few experiences delight the senses as stepping in from the cold outdoors and into a cozy home rich with the smell of baking bread. Grab a stick of butter, settle into the breakfast nook and get ready to enjoy one … Continued

Light pollution

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Have you ever seen one of the satellite images of earth in the darkest hours of the night? It’s an incredible testimony to the degradation of nature’s beauty from Thomas Edison’s elementary invention a mere 100 years ago. What must … Continued

Noise pollution

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Take a step outside your front door and what do you hear? The joyful laughter of kids at play? Birds, singing in the trees? The occasional barking of a dog down the block? Most likely, the answer is a resounding, … Continued

Overview of Used Clothes

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Who ever said used clothing went out of style? The proliferation of used clothing shops throughout the globe would indicate both a need and an appreciation for used clothing. Yes, times have changed. This is evidenced by the popularity of … Continued

Solar Hot Water

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Heating water is responsible for probably the largest amount of energy usage in most homes today. Not only are you spending a large portion of your energy bills for heating water, but your power usage creates large amounts of carbon … Continued

The Secrets of Baking Soda

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“Shall I get you a bicarbonate of soda?” This was a question Curly would ask Moe in the old Three Stooges comedy shorts. No matter what precarious situation Moe may find himself, Curly would suggest bicarbonate of soda – aka … Continued

Triple Bottom Line

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For anyone considering beginning a green-based business or perhaps even just thinking about aiming towards making your existing business greener, then you’ll need to understand and embrace the Triple Bottom Line. John Elkington coined the phrase originally in 1994 and … Continued